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Tommy Smythe

Tommy Smythe- Host

Tommy Smythe is a respected property and design expert, known to millions from numerous Canadian television appearances on The Search for Canada's Next Designer, Design Inc., Sarah 101, The Marilyn Denis Show and more. His unbridled sense of fun and enthusiasm make him a favourite among clients and fans. For more than 10 years, Smythe has worked alongside designer Sarah Richardson as an integral member of her team. With a reputation for going above and beyond, Smythe is well known for delivering to his clients, making him the perfect expert to help engaged couples find one-of-a-kind wedding venues on Where to I Do?, where he blends his design knowledge and property savvy. In addition to his numerous television appearances, Smythe maintains a portfolio of private clients, is a regular presenter at design shows across North America, and is a contributing editor to House and Home Magazine.