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Lorraine Pascale: How To Be A Better Cook

So many of us want to cook for our loved ones but lack the confidence to do so, especially when there is a special occasion. So, in this series, Lorraine gets out of the kitchen and onto the road as she helps to inspire reluctant cooks to create memorable meals for those they care about.

Each episode opens with a video appeal from a keen but clueless cook asking for Lorraine’s help. Lorraine then teaches them simple cooking techniques in their own home; offering brilliant advice and handy tips and tricks which build their cooking confidence. At the climax of each episode her pupils prepare a delicious meal as a surprise for their gobsmacked friends and family. Packed with delicious, healthy and easy recipes we can all try at home, Lorraine Pascale is on a mission to give wannabe cooks the confidence they need to surprise and delight their loved ones


Lorraine Pascale

- Host

Lorraine Pascale is best known for her immensely popular cookery series: Baking Made Easy, Home Cooking Made Easy, Lorraine’s Last Minute Christmas and Lorraine’s Fast, Fresh and Easy Food. The series have made her a much loved household name and the sales of the accompanying tie-in books for each series can only be described as phenomenal. With more than 750,000 copies sold and rising, Lorraine has shot straight to the top of Amazon’s Food & Drink bestsellers list with each release. She is WH Smith’s most successful debut TV chef ever and was also the first British black model on the cover of American Elle. Today, Lorraine continues to hone her craft and work with the very best in the chef world.

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